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kebaya for pre wedding photograph

This results from the test sewing in Solo, his name mbak Nunuk, it turns out he's good at playing bo kebaya motive applications, in addition, fine & using that awful blouse. Actually, all of which deal with older cousins ​​i in solo, ranging from models, etc.. I then just went there for a while for measuring doang. Gw onwards cousin who care. Had had time to be pessimistic, because my mother insisted that I sew kebaya for the ceremony at Mbak Nunuk. Thank God, because the result is brilliant i think, so I just trust my kebaya contract to Mbak Nunuk this. Mudah2an results are better than this kebaya .. hihihihi ...
Who make the same mbak gw added kesengsem Nunuk, if we want to make kebaya pasrahkan with what kind of model, the results were disappointing betul2 ga kok. In a way, he also can design any model.
Oia, weaknesses, for sewing on this Nunuk mbak take a very long time. Around 2-3 months. Because he includes tailor who sold well in the city of Solo. Almost all brides who want to make kebaya sewn in this Nunuk mbak.

Oia, for details:
Materials kebaya - Garden Textile Solo, USD 80ribu (2m-brocade material), Rp 20ribu (furing satin)
Kebaya sewing fare - USD 250 thousand (including embroidery & sequin edge)
Bustier - USD 75RIBU (8 bones)
Obi - USD 50 thousand (including sequins)

Then, I also made ​​for comparison. Tailor his mama my best friend in high school, Withers. Kebaya delicious homemade using that time, but its form is simple and less sweet when compared to results mbak Nunuk seams. The arm is still too large & somewhat twisted seams (knowingly, done only for 2 weeks). Actually I can aja improve outcomes blouse stitching. But rather lazy wrote back and forth there. Hehehe ....

For details:
Materials kebaya - Paris Textile, Ps. Mayestik. USD 70ribu (2m-brukat), Rp 15ribu (furing white satin), Rp 15ribu (furing green satin)
Sew fare kebaya - USD 90ribu
Obi - USD 30 thousand

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